An Invitation!

Happy New Year! I have moved!

I am so excited to announce that I have a website and am launching it today! If you have a feed to this blog, please change that feed to my website.
I have my first post of the new year there, with many more, waiting in the side lines…

I am so excited to branch out and to work at communicating what I do, believe in, and hope to do better.

Unfortunately, the Windows Live format I have been using has been nothing but frustrating for me. It was almost impossible to leave a comment which defeats the purpose of having an interactive conversation. It is not any fun if you have to e-mail me personally, as many of you have been, and certainly a lot of effort on your part….

So, to wrap 2009 up in a satin holiday ribbon, and toss this site in the trash alongside yesterday’s news, I invite you into my new space, and hope you will find comfort, conversation, and a lot of laughs there.

On with 2010!
Please say "Hi" when you drop by!

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11 Responses to An Invitation!

  1. Marie says:

    I can\’t believe how incredibly talented at cooking you are. Not only are your culinary skills over-the-top but so is the photography of it! Are you doing Ragan\’s wedding cake? Your friend of 42 years,Marie

  2. Corry says:

    Dear Canadian Foodie,I loved your old site, the photography and the work you\’ve been doing on it. Best of luck with your new website. I did try to leave the message on your old site but it wouldn\’t work for me and I didn\’t want to join up yet another MSN site. I have previously left a message on my own blog under your original comment that you sent ("The Daring Cook\’s October 2009 Challenge: Violet Macarons…") hoping that you would see it. Thank you for your very kind words re: macarons tips and tricks on my site. You can email me directly at if you prefer. I have re-read the recipe and realized that I didn\’t put colour and flavours in. I have now corrected it.For the macaron shells, I used only a few drops each of red and blue colouring until a pretty violet colour was obtained, I made it brighter than the required finished colour as it fades during cooking. I used 1 teaspoon violet flavour (Sevarome brand) in the ganache and added a few drops of coluring as above. The garnish on top was whole crystalised violets that I found in a speciality kitchen shop called Essential Ingredient in Melbourne, Australia. I suspect that this is also by Sevarome however it is not stated on the bottle.I was lucky to get the violet flavour from a baking supplies shop in Melbourne. They said it was hard to get and only had one large bottle that was quite expensive. This I shared with my friends. I had been searching for a while on the internet all to no avail. You may be able to get it directly from the company in France is: – Sevarome- Z.A La Guide 1 43200, Yssingeaux Z.I. La Guide, FranceTél : +33 4 71 59 04 78Fax : +33 4 71 65 54 24Email: info@sevarome.comWeb: Cheers

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